Handan CANAN
A tale is a communication means. It is an adventure which the narrator and the listener embark on together. This journey is not limited by time and space, and therefore tales are universal. For centuries, mankind has aimed to give advice to future generations through the heroes they have created by telling stories. Tales are narratives that are transmitted through an oral tradition and contain moral teachings. In addition, tales are very important tools that enable the cultural accumulation of societies to be passed down. The struggle of oppositions such as good-evil, truth-lie and justice-oppression is explained with imaginary incidents and universal values are infused to the listener. Tales are very convenient not only for values education, but also for the linguistic development of the children. Components that enrich the language such as idioms, reduplications, proverbs, onomatopoeias and rhymes increase the semantic power of the tale. Today, with the use of the internet, information can be accessed and consumed very quickly. The young generation, who spend most of their time in the electronic environment, can easily reach the information that is ready for them. The development of the children's creativity and imagination is possible with the tales. Listening to the tales, creating a magical world while listening, empathizing with the heroes of this world is important for the cognitive and personal development of the child. Story telling is considered as a performance art today. Tales are mostly told to the children, though not just for children. Being able to explain the methods of overcoming the problems that children may encounter in real life in an entertaining way and preparing them for the future makes the storyteller as important as the tale itself. The narrator's voice, style, sincerity, and surely knowledge enable him/her to influence the listener and make the narrative effective. Although it is not approved by some educators and parents because it is unrealistic, a well-chosen tale and a good storyteller will eliminate possible drawbacks.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Storytelling, Child education, Tale