Ebru KAYA MUTLU, Dildade DOĞAN, Duygu ŞAHİN, Hanifegül TAŞKIRAN
The aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between core endurance with balance in healthy children. 46 children were included with a mean age of 14.17±2.20 years and mean body mass index of 20.38±3.11, respectively. Biering-Sorenson test was performed for static muscular endurance of trunk flexion and trunk extension, and dynamic muscular endurance of trunk flexion and extension were evaluated with sits-up test and modified push-up test, respectively. The Star Excursion test assessed dynamic balance. The star excursion test is, reliable, effective screening test which is used to evaluate the dynamic balance in 8 selective directions. Significant correlation was found between Biering-Sorenson test in trunk flexion with The Star Excursion test inposteromedial of left side (p=0,01 , r=0,35)and right side ( p=0,01 , r=0,41). On the other hand, significant correlation was found between sits-up testwith The Star Excursion test in posteromedial of rigth side (p=0,02 , r=0,26) and modified push-up test with Star Excursion test in posteromedial of right side ( p=0,04 , r=0,24).In our study, we determined that, static and dynamic core endurance was positively correlated with balance in posteromedial direction in healthy children. Children need to improve their core endurance in the posteromedial direction to improve their balance.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Core Endurance, Balance, Children