“The world is controlled by 2 islands. Great Britain with its language, Japan with its technology and microelements ". The great Azerbaijani scientist, Yasar Garayev’s quotation completely overlaps with the content of the article. Indeed, you can conquer the world with language and words . We will talk about words, language, the power of language, the specificity of verbal and written translation in official field, the meanings derived and lost in this article. The lack of political terminology creates the long expressions that do not fully reflect the original meaning while translating political official and international organizations’ papers. To replace them with a shorter vocabulary and equivalents create many difficulties in the Azerbaijan language: the reason is the historical process passed the country. Up to the XIX century, 90 percent of the terminological expressions were borrowed form Arabic and Persian origin, from beginning XIX century form Russian-origin. Russian words caused rapid increase of the Russian language influence in Azerbaijan. The Russian language has been expanded within 70 years in Azerbaijan with such words, sputnik, komsomol, qvardiya, kosmonavt. Some words avomat-avtomatçı, komjbayn-kombaynçı, kolxoz-kolxozcu, kod-kodçu, raket-raketçi have been translated partly and with the help of suffixes nationalized. Finally, I would like to suggest that, in my opinion, some of the international terms that are translated partly, it would be better to adopt these words as universal terms . In this case, preserving the original forms will allow us many advantages.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Language, Equivalent, Political Translation, Terminology