English language teaching (ELT) make use of technology of all sorts for teaching and learning purposes. Audio and video recordings can give life to words on various kind of page sas well as making language learning more mobile devices. It is usual for a teaching program to use the technology available to make it easier for students to succeed in learning the subject. There are very fast changes in technology and this situation effects the people’s life in evry aspects. Most technologies serve as tools to enhance the teaching practices that already exist. Among them, for example audio recordings make an important tool of ELT and it introduces a new method of teaching. It is still, essentially, based on the concept that learning a language with as many senses engaged as possible will facilitate quicker and more thorough learning. The information technologies developed over the last two, three decades, it may be much more powerful than previous technologies. Information technology has the potential to not only enhance already powerful English language teaching(ELT) tools but provide truly new technological. Some researches in Teaching English Language within the frame of Information Technology were tried to be analyzed in this article. In addition to this, this paper will also review the existing literature on the effectiveness of incorporating information technologies into ELT and the new ways of teaching being developed.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Information technolgy, Teacher, Language, English